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Commercial Cybersecurity

Compliance: It is important to know that meeting compliance standards should be the goal of every commercial business – not just defense contractors. There are, of course, numerous requirements that certain types of non-federal 0rganizations must adhere to (e.g.  SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.), but regardless of whether your business is regulated or not, every stakeholder and business owner should strive to meet common NIST standards at the very least.

Compliance vs Security: Companies must understand that compliance is not the same thing as security. Every organization, whether a government contractor or commercial entity must understand the difference. Compliance means ensuring an organization is complying to the minimum of the security-related requirements. Security, on the other hand, is a clear set of technical systems and tools and processes which are put in place to protect and defend the information and technology assets of an enterprise. Security is, nevertheless, a big part of compliance. As stated, meeting compliance is an assurance that you have met a minimum set of security requirements. Hardening your cybersecurity posture should always be your goal.

Consulting with LogiCore: Organizations with limited resources may struggle to deal with the added challenge of meeting compliance while maintaining security and the ongoing support of their workforce. LogiCore can provide much needed direction and consulting advice to get you started and you can engage with us in a controlled, managed approach. For example, if you do not have a System Security Plan (SSP), or only a partially implemented one, this is a core requirement on the path to compliance.

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